Surface technology

A state-of-the-art powder coating facility, together with many years of experience, makes us a partner who is qualified and competent in the area of surface engineering. We provide eco-friendly and long-lasting coating for your components with consistently high quality.


Your components are passed through the four zones of our washing plant for pre-treatment. This process is carried out completely free of chromium. The wastewater is treated in an eco-friendly and resource-saving manner using the most advanced evaporation technology; the treated water then returns to the plant. Subsequently, the components are dried in the furnace.

Powder coating

The powdered pigment is electrostatically charged and applied in the spray booth. The so-called overspray is constantly cleaned by suction, filtered and reused without loss of quality.


The powdered pigment is now cured at 160°C to 200°C. After a cooling phase, your powder coated components show the following positive qualities:
  • high resistance to weathering
  • resistance to mechanical influences such as impacts, scratches, etc..
  • resistance to fading

Maximum component size for powder coating

Length 4000 mm
Width 1000 mm
Height 2000 mm
Weight max. 300 kg


Wet coating

Do you prefer wet coating for your components? We work with quality-conscious partners in this area and would be glad to coordinate your order.

The following components are suited for wet coating:

  • Components that need not necessarily be conductive
  • Components that cannot be exposed to the temperatures of the curing procedure in powder coating
  • Components in small batches, and individual parts

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