Success with sheet metal since 1880 thanks to a blend of tradition and innovation.

Stebler Blech Ltd was founded in 1880 by the Stebler family in Nunningen in the Schwarzbubenland region of the canton of Solothurn. Even today, the company is still independent and owned by the Stebler founding families.
It employs approximately 130 people and is the leading sheet metal technology company in Switzerland.


Robert Stebler, a trained tinsmith, set up tinsmith's workshops at Nunningen, in which bushings and grease pans were soon being manufactured.


The "Robert Stebler" sole proprietorship was entered into the commercial register.

Nunningen was connected to mains electricity.
The new energy source was used immediately and the operation was expanded.
The company bought sheet metal working machines, which were driven by transmission.

A sheet metal lithography machine for printing on tinplate was purchased. That same year, the first new building was erected.
The company had 25 employees.

Another new building was constructed on Bretzwilerstrasse.
The production programme at this time consisted of round and square cans, metal posters, bike and car licence plates and paint cans.

The manufacturing of metal semi-finished products for the lighting industry and general apparatus construction were incorporated.

The general partnership became "Stebler + Co. AG".
The generously proportioned manufacturing facilities were expanded in various stages.
1964 / 65

Construction of a new manufacturing building with an integrated office extension in Brügglistrasse.

Construction of a fully automated powder coating plant.

The first machines for working with NC and CNC controls were installed.
1990 / 91

Installation of a second powder coating plant operating in line with the latest technical and ecological criteria.

Commissioning of a Flexi Laser: a combined 2D laser cutting machine for unmanned working.

The new logistics building was put into operation. This allowed production, storage and delivery to be concentrated in one place.
The latest safety standards for employees and the environment were taken into account.

Commissioning of Bystronic 2D flatbed laser with 3000-watt output for unmanned working.

Commissioning of a fully automatic bucket production line for 3 diameters. Capacity: 40 buckets per minute.

Commissioning of a new warehouse with floor space of 550m2 for semi-finished and finished products.

Stebler + Co. AG was presented as a sheet metal products manufacturer with two independent business units. These were sheet metal technology and metal packaging.

Much has changed in our company over the last 130 years. It is now time for us to highlight this. With the name change to Stebler Blech Ltd, we make it clear where our expertise lies.

This fully independent family business wants to continue to live up to its reputation as a reliable employer and an innovative business venture, and also to provide its customers with the benefits of its expertise as a partner. It currently has 130 employees.                                 

 2015  On the 27 April 2015 we inaugurated our surface coating system including water treatment with a naming ceremony.
Solutions with format and sustainability. Following this principle, are proud to present our new surface coating system incl. water treatment. This also enables us to lend our support in the future as a reliable partner and overall process provider to our customer.
The latest technology with significantly less chemicals, water and energy requirements, an efficient coating process and the highest level of quality without compromise, these are only a few of the reasons that have led to this investment. ‘Last but not least’, responsible resource management and the preservation of company locations in Switzerland are key values of our sustainable management.
 2015  New Stebler Packaging AG in Nunnigen
In October 2015, Stebler Blech AG outsourced their traditional metal packaging division to the new Stebler Packaging AG and ended a joint venture with the french group Massilly. The new company uses the synergies of both original establishments to continue to compete successfully in the marketplace for metal production.


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